Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rearranging the Studio

We got home from the Rock Creek Fair on Sunday night completely exhausted. The fair was good. In spite of a lower attendance, we sold more than ever before.

The people were very excited about linen and flax. Many of the Fair visitors remembered seeing their mothers and grandmothers growing flax and processing it into linen during "the war" in Germany, and other parts of Europe. Most people didn't know that linen came from the flax plant. Even as I was breaking it and combing it, people asked me what kind of animal gave that hair. One man was so excited that he wanted to see every step, even the spinning. He wanted to know how strong it was so I spun his piece of line linen into a yard or two of singles yarn and then asked him to break it off my previous thread. He couldn't. Then he got more excited. It was wonderful to see the growing appreciation for linen in the audience.

I had an audience of about 45 people on Saturday and more than that on Sunday. People hung around after the talk to break some flax and take home their linen fibers. I think we could have sold a couple of flax breaks if we had them to sell. The only drawback was that the handle broke off of the flax break. So a repair is needed before we use it again.

I have a handspun, handwoven table cloth of singles linen that I've washed numerous times. I displayed it unironed, but it doesn't have noticeable wrinkles. It is so soft now, it feels like velvet.
I gave away a few boxes of information about flax and linen that Randy Cowan left here after the linen festival. All the cookbooks went on Saturday. And we sold one package of Hermes Fiberflax seed.

Monday we started unpacking boxes to put the studio back together, but got interrupted by a trip to town to clean the church.

We took on cleaning the church this Fall. 10 hours a week with 3 of us working together, with the goal of being able to afford Sarah's music lessons for the year. It will take two afternoons each week of running into town -- Mondays and then an hour on Thursday or Friday to tidy up before the Sunday Service.

We resumed setting the studio back up yesterday. I thought we'd be ready to be open by 10am, but I was wrong. At 5pm Michelle, our current WWOOFer, and Robin were still putting out product on the shelves. The studio looks better, more open and organized a bit differently.

There is now room in the studio to bring home the floor loom from the Grand Forks Heritage Gallery. Its been on loan to them with the Peace Banner. But the loom is now empty and ready to return home. I have a blanket warp of Shepherd's Pride Yarn in natural grey, white and woad blue ready to go on it when things calm down around here.

The Peace Banner was finished last Thursday by Ramona and Mary and then taken off the loom. There are some finishing touches to make it ready for hanging and then next week it will be presented to the Art Gallery as part of their permanent collection. I'll take pictures once its finished.

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