Friday, September 25, 2009

Genetically Engineered Crops and Flax

iI received some links from Brian John of UK's GM Free Cymru regarding the GE Flax fiasco happening right now in the Canadian Flax industry.

In 2000 the GE Flax "CDC Triffid" was pulled off the registration list and banned from being grown in Canada. Apparently Alan McHughen developed this flax at the U. of Saskatchewan as an oil seed crop for industrial and plastic production -- not as a food crop. Flax was thought to be impervious to x pollination. However, apparently there is significant insect pollination of the flax crop which can lead to spread of the GE gene in non GE flax crops.

The flax farmers of Saskatchewan, concerned that their European markets would be compromised, lobbied the Canadian government in 2000 to ban GE Flax from being grown in Canada. GE Flax has not been approved for growing commercially in Canada. Now the inevitable has happened. GE flax has contaminated the Canadian flax crop. Europe has closed its doors. The contaminated "Triffid" flax was found in bakery goods in Germany. The flax arrived in Germany via Belgium.

Like the Evolution vs. Creation debate that was highlighted in the recent film, "Expelled, no intelligence allowed", so the GE vs. non GE food debate goes. Scientists that are opposed to GE food crops based on their research into the harmful effects of GE food, are discredited in peer reviewed journals while those scientists in the pay of Monsanto or with a conflict of interest are upheld.

Science has lost its credibility through corruption. It is no longer the trusted authority of reason and inquiry. Truth is ignored for the sake of convenience or financial gain. The scientific method is useful only as an exercise for science fair competitions. It is no longer used in real adult science--where research funding is more important than truth.

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