Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chimney repairs

The wood stove/chimney inspector was at Joybilee Farm today to inspect the wood stove -- both the new cook stove that we newly put in and the other heater stove in the studio. The good news was that the new stove passed with flying colours. The bad news was that the chimney for the heater stove in the studio has a crack in the masonry.

I'm so glad that the inspector caught it. What if we had a chimney fire? Possibly we did and that's what cracked the chimney. We don't know. So the heater stove is out of commission for a while and the inspector is coming back in a week or so to repair the chimney and pass its inspection.

Good, too, that it is fall and we don't need the heater yet.

So Robin was on the roof tonight hitting chimney bricks with a sledge hammer and tossing the broken brick pieces over the peak of the roof onto the ground below. They landed with a huge thud, while I cringed. Michelle, the WWOOFer helped immensely, by running clean up for the demolition.

Tonight Michelle is going to graduate to the spinning wheel. She spun her first yarn last night on a CD spindle. The goal is a two ply yarn by Friday night.

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