Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Aware Knits hits the stand with Joybilee Farm Yarn

Aware Knits by Vickie Howell and Adrienne Armstrong (2009, Lark Books)has just been released.

The book features eco-friendly yarns and ethical fibers in all its patterns.

Joybilee Farm is honored to have one of our naturally dyed yarns featured in this book.Joybilee Farm's "Kick-A-Dee Sock Yarn" is one of the featured yarns with a boot sock pattern in cochineal pink and walnut brown, naturally dyed yarn. This yarn is custom mill spun, semiworsted for strength, from Joybilee Farm's yearling mohair, Joybilee Farm's soft merino crossbred lamb and tussah silk. Then its hand dyed with eco-friendly natural dyes using only an alum mordant. Its a gorgeously soft yarn, spun with extra twist and with just enough strength for socks. Knit the sock bottoms tightly, with a smaller needle to ensure good durability.

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