Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Linen Field Harvest

The flax field is nigh unto harvest. The flax is 2/3 rds yellow and some of it is all yellow. I started harvesting the ripest stalks from the field yesterday. There will still be lots for Saturday at the linen festival.

I noticed that the stalks that are closer together are finer than the stalks on the outside of the field -- the fiber should be finer, too. It is a lovely site, to see the flax ready to harvest.

Saturday is the linen festival at Joybilee Farm. We are hearing from a lot of people who say they are coming. Randy Cowan from Plant Fibers Canada is going to be here to talk about fiber from flax and the research that they are doing in Saskatchewan. Connie and Dave Carlson, of Ft. MacLeod, Alberta, will be here -- just having fun. Ruth is our WWOOFer from Israel and she will be helping out at the festival.

Today Ruth helped me to pull up the flax stalks by the roots so that we could bundle them and stand them up in the field to dry. This year's flax looks fine and long. It will be a very good harvest, in spite of the hail storm a month ago that bent some of the stems.

See how beautiful a field of ripe fiber flax is.

Flax is, in theory, ripe exactly 100 days after planting. I wonder why every thing is ripe at the same time -- this week I am harvesting garlic, peas, dyers Marguerite, and suey choy cabbages. There isn't enough time to get it all done. Is there?


  1. So beautiful. My grandmother used to grow linen in Finland. Some of the tools for preparing the fibre are still on the farm, on the other side of the world. Maybe I'll try it too one day...

  2. Beautiful harvest!

    What variety did you sow?

  3. This variety is Evelin from Richter's Seed.