Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall is in the air

The day temperatures are cooler already and we had frost in the garden the last two days. Sarah and I harvested some new potatoes, coreopsis flowers, red heart radishes and diakon radishes. The carrots are still puny and the broccoli is not even near flowering. Still waiting for the zucchini to come along and haven't had many beans yet -- just lots of flowers. We pulled up the pea plants on the weekend and put the last of the peas in the freezer.

The dye pots are going strong with golden rod, and woad. There are so many woad leaves that we can't keep up. 2 kg. of woad leaves will dye 500 grams of wool to a medium blue shade -- after about 3 dips in the vat -- 20 minutes each. Then the colour is exhausted.

Sarah is beginning to loose steam with her science fair project on woad-indigo. She has about 60 woad extractions to do this phase and is less than half way. Sarah feels that the regional science fair committee doesn't like her because she is homeschooled. So she has lost heart to compete with her project. She wants to continue the research, but she doesn't want to enter the science fairs with her project because it feels bad even when she wins medals at the national level -- due to the negative vibes.

Jobs left to get ready for winter:

Clean out the barns
Bring in wood for the winter
Bring home 1,000 hay bales
Create product for the Christmas Craft Fairs
Preserve the garden harvest
Install the wood burning cook stove
Organize the homeschooling assignments for September
Purchase the school books

No pictures today.

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