Friday, July 10, 2009

The Weather and farming

We had hail and thunder showers this week. But not just any old summer thunder shower. The hail was as big as cat's eye marbles and pounded down on the farm for 20 minutes.

We were lucky. Our neighbors in Rock Creek had hail the size of golf balls. I've never seen a hail storm like this one.

The linen bed was just beginning to flower. I expected to go down and see it flat against the ground. No its still standing. But many of the tops are broken off. It will recover and we will still be able to harvest it for the linen festival. but it may be branched at the tip.

The bok choy and cabbages are decimated, though. They were just at the harvest stage and now they are torn and flat on the ground. But I can plant again. We will still get 4 weeks of growing season before the frosts come every night.

And in the midst of days of thunder showers we had 3 llama babies born. The final boy was born on Thursday to Cappuccino. A palomino suri male. Our first suri llama, too. He is the biggest boy we've had and he needed help to get out. Thankfully we were all home. With Sarah holding Cappuccino's head and me holding her side, and Robin reaching in to turn out the leg that was stuck, we had a safe delivery. Visitors stopped in at the farm shortly after the birth and took some great pictures of the still wobbly legged boy.

And we are now finished with births except for rabbits and chicks.

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