Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Plying yarn to free the bobbins

Spinning singles is fun, meditative and hypnotic. Plying, on the other hand, requires intense concentration to keep even tension on the singles, or not, to make a balanced yarn with integrity. Plying requires counting treadles. Singles practically make themselves while I am concentrating on an audio book or listening to music or talking to a friend.

Hence I tend to let the bobbins of singles build up until I run out of bobbins. I am in that state now -- with more than 15 bobbins full of yarn and no spare bobbin left, and an angora bunny spinning workshop on Friday that will necessitate at least 5 empty bobbins. So today I will be counting treadles and plying for a while.

What's on the bobbins? Superwash merino in natural white that will become a sweater, chocolate angora bunny that may eventually become a "kind fur eternity poncho", someone's dog hair that should just get finished so I can send it off (not my favorite project -- short hair and coarse feeling so I'm still working on it after 3 years....enough said.) some silk singles in bright rainbows that is destined to become a novelty cocoon yarn, and some singles linen that I want to weave tea towels from -- weft not warp. ( I'm still intimidated with linen warp so am afraid, very afraid.)

I'll post pictures when the spinning is done and I have the yarn to glow over.

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