Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Linen Festival updates

There will be fiber flax seed available from Randy Cowan (Crop Fibers Canada) at the 2nd Annual Linen Festival at Joybilee Farm. Randy will be bringing several varieties of fiber flax seed with him so you can expand your collection of Linen flax seed.

Flax is self pollinated and varieties planted side by side do not cross-pollinate, so you can grow two varieties together without fear of corrupting your future seed, provided you keep them separate during the rippling stage.

If you are looking for a large amount of seed, let me know and I'll pass on the word so that Randy brings enough seed with him.

On the Thursday before the Linen Festival (Aug. 6th) -- the Fundival by the Christina Lake Artists and Artisan Society will take place at the Lake. The Fundival is an evening of music and fine dining surrounded by art. There will be an art auction to raise money for the building of the Christina Living Arts Centre. Tickets for the Fundival are $30 per person. So if you are looking for an artsy weekend consider coming to the Boundary -- taking in the Fundival on Thursday night and enjoying the Linen Festival at Joybilee Farm on Saturday.

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