Thursday, July 30, 2009

Linen Research

With the Joybilee Farm 2nd Annual Linen Festival just 10 days away, I wanted to whett your appetite for some exciting hands on learning --

Here are some resources for flax and linen culture and fiber processing:

Here’s some very worthwhile books on linen – I think most are available in the public library system in B.C.

“The Magic of Linen” by Linda Heinrich (1992, Orca Book)

“Flax Culture, from flower to fabric” by Mavis Atton (1989, Ginger Press)

“Linen Hand spinning and Weaving” by Patricia Baines (1989, BT Batsford,)

“Le Lin” by Helene de Carufel (1980, LeMeac) Book is in French

“Unlike the Lilies, Doukhobor textiles traditions in Canada” (1986, Royal Ontario Museum)

Online resources:

This is an info sheet on Fiber Flax planting and processing

This is a paper on using bast fibers in the production of handmade paper

There are also lots of reports on the current state of fiber flax, coming out of agriculture Saskatchewan.

This is the digital archive of documents related to linen at U of Arizona

This is the digital archive of documents related to flax at U of Arizona