Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Indigo Dye Day

Saturday was our 2nd Annual Joybilee Farm Indigo Dye day with 22 visitors, most participated in the indigo dye vat. One family of 7 bought their own prepared indigo vat ($20) and brought cotton fabric that they had meticulously stitched and clamped before dyeing. Most visitors bought dye blanks -- silk scarves, and hanks of yarn -- to dye and played on the resist table. Every creation was unique.

The vat was very aromatic and a bit shocking for some, but the magical transformation of indigo in the air was the highlight of the day. Indigo dyed textiles come out of the vat pale green and transformed to blue in the air, while people watched. Magical!

Sarah extracted indigo from woad in front of the audience and explained each step. Some people took home woad seeds to grow their own blues.

We had the Maiwa documentary "Indigo: A World of Blue" going throughout the day and several people watched it as they waited for their creation to dye or oxidize.

The Kast family said that the Joybilee Farm "Indigo Dye Day" is the most fun they have had as a family. Every one had a very good time. It was a fun and educational day.


  1. Thanks for the pictures of your Dye Day, it shows you had a great time:)

  2. Hi, Leena
    Its great to see you here. Welcome.
    We did have a great time. We were hoping for more people to join in the fun, but those that came had a lot of fun and all said they want to do it again next year. Indigo is such a fascinating natural dye.