Monday, June 15, 2009

Natural Indigo Dye Workshop

On Wednesday there was a natural indigo dye workshop at Joybilee Farm. The Rumpelstiltskin Guild from Rock Creek came for some blue magic with the natural indigo vat. 6 ladies came for the informative 1/2 day workshop.

They learned some background about natural indigo and had an introduction in indigo botany. They toured the natural dye garden and saw woad plants in flower and in the rosette stage. They received recipes for a natural indigo fermentation vat and a thiox vat. We did a thiox vat and had fun playing with different folding, clamping resist techniques.

The guild is doing more quilting than spinning and weaving lately, so we dyed two cotton fabrics and one silk scarf. Yarn was also dyed in the vat as a demonstration.

It was a wonderful time. The workshop takes place in our outdoor dye kitchen -- as the fragrance of the vat is a little overpowering indoors -- just ask the Grand Forks Art Gallery!

We are going to do it all over again on July 25th at the 2nd Annual Indigo Dye Demonstration at Joybilee Farm. This is a Year of Natural Fibre Special event. Its part of a special weekend in Grand Forks, B.C. that begins on July 24th with a year of Natural Fibre Farmer's Market in the morning, a Joybilee Farm Angora spinning workshop in the afternoon and a fiberartist lecturing at the GF Art Gallery on Friday night.

Then join us for the Indigo Dye Day at the farm on Saturday, all day. It will be a blast. Now if I could just find a blues band to round out the lineup.

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