Monday, June 08, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

Today we made the 3 hour trip to Kelowna with two breeding pairs of rabbits. One pair was bound for Edmonton and the other bound for Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, both via Air Canada.

This is our first time shipping live animals by Air Canada and we were very pleased with the service from this end. The service rep on the other end of the telephone was very patient and helpful walking me through the various flight options to find the best fit. And Bob, at the Kelowna Air Canada Cargo office was wonderful, working out how to use the Kennels that we purchased at

The kennels were a hassle. They were the right size and got to Joybilee Farm on time. However, although they were advertised as airline approved -- they didn't meet the specifications for live animal shipments because they had plastic doors.

Air Canada was not going to take them -- after I prebooked them and drove 3 hours to the airport, early in the morning. Then Bob, thought about what could be done and zap-strapped the doors more securely. Bless Bob! I couldn't face a 3 hour drive home, only to have to do it again in a couple of days with a modified kennel.

So if you want to ship bunnies on an airline, make sure your kennel has a wire door. Not the plastic door that comes on the small Costco kennels. I checked out Kennels in Canadian Tire, while we were in Kelowna. They have Kennels with wire doors at a reasonable price so next time I'll go to Canadian Tire first.

I'm still waiting to hear that the bunnies arrived at their destinations safely. I hope no news is good news.

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