Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Natural Dye Kitchen

I dye daily. So having an outdoor kitchen, separate from our household kitchen has been on my wish list for a long time. This summer we found the perfect solution at Canadian Tire -- a combination outdoor sink and breakfast barbeque with a propane powered flame burner and a barbecue grill. Two large dye pots fit comfortably on it.

The sink attaches to a garden hose and the drain runs into a bucket under the sink. The grey water can be used to water flowers.

We use mostly natural dyes here at Joybilee Farm. So this set up allows us to brew the dye plants outdoors with excellent ventilation -- while still being protected from wind and rain.

It is all stainless steel so it cleans up beautifully after a week of dyeing. Under the stove and the sink there is an enclosed cupboard for storing dye mordants, washing soda, vinegar and other dye assists.

Its the perfect situation for production dyeing.

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