Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring work -- the garden

Its been 10 days since I posted. Here's an update:


Lambs and kids are done for the year. 55 lambs and kids on the ground. No mother losses.

Linen field is germinated and growing.

Student's Woad is planted for the phase 4 science project.

More woad is due to be planted just for fun.

200 new willow trees/stools are planted.

Willow stools are harvested for 2009.

Replacement willow trees have been planted for the trees that didn't make it from 2008.

Weld bed is planted.

Madder bed number 1 is weeded. Still need to weed madder bed #2.

Spring green bed is planted. Spinach is planted. 1/2 of the potato bed is planted.

Garlic and shallots are up. They were planted in October.

2 beds of peas are planted.

The new dye kitchen is working -- with a sink and a burner for the large dye pot -- all outside the studio for fresh air and ventilation. Only thing missing is a work table.

We are just getting started in the garden. I still have the willow beds to weed. The rest of the garden to plant in carrots, beets, cabbage and other cold hardy vegetables. We are zone 3 and get summer frost.

The baby apple trees need to be pruned, weeded and mulched.

The Joybilee Farm artisan studio opened to the public May 1. We've had 6 visitors through. I do enjoy the visitors after the long winter. We are working on moving some of the dye plants up closer to the studio, however, the ducks are poking into every area I've planted near the studio. I may need to build a willow fence around the planted areas to keep them out.

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