Tuesday, May 19, 2009

People for the Ethical Treatment of animals are not

Chad Golladay writes on his blog "Cattlegrower.com" about 7 things you might like to know about the hypocrisy of PETA. This is an issue that every homesteader should be aware of.

PETAs goal is to rid the world of livestock, pets, laboratory animals, companion animals and working dogs. To force people to become vegan vegetarians. PETA kills or injures more animals than they help. They are intimately linked to the SPCA.

My view on the issue. Livestock were created by God to bond with humans for the mutual benefit of both. (see the Genesis 1:24) If you walked among my sheep and talked to them or watched the shepherd-sheep bond, you would realize instantly that both the shepherd and the sheep are content in the relationship. Sheep are very intelligent animals -- as intelligent as a dog. They remember faces for their entire lifespan. They will talk to you if you will listen and they understand human language. (This was a surprise to me when I first began to shepherd sheep and goats.)

Their supposed "stupidity" is an urban myth, that comes from their protective instinct to flock together and to learn from their elders. In fact some Big Horn Sheep population programs have failed as the younger sheep did not venture over their terrain seeking food because they had no elder sheep to lead them. The elder animals show the way to the younger animals, as well as teaching them what food to avoid and where to find water -- seems a pretty natural arrangement to me.

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