Friday, May 01, 2009

Our first 'open' day of the season

Our farm sign is finally here and Robin put it up last night -- in the dark. We created it on our computer and asked "Boundary Signs" in Greenwood to make it for us. Nice Job, Mike.

Today we opened to the public for the first time this season and had our first visitors by 10:15am. Elisabeth from Tatkla (sp?) lake with her husband.

Were we ready? No.

Robin was sweeping out the entrance and we were looking for pens, calculator and receipt book. But at least the lights were up. It was a fun day and so encouraging to have visitors through right at the start.

I spent the rest of the day filling willow orders and harvesting willows. I have just two willow beds left to harvest. All the s. purpureas are done (they are always the last to leaf out). The viminalis and triandra, too. I have "Belgium Red" and "Rubikins" left to harvest for tomorrow. Then I will plant the new willow beds.

I plant out two new willow beds each Spring -- 50 cuttings, plus fill in with new cuttings any plantings that didn't fill out from the year before. We have 20 different varieties of basket willows with at least 25 stools of each variety. All are hardy to zone 3 and long and slender for willow basket weaving, living willow sculpture, hurdle weaving and imaginative scultptural weaving. Its amazing what can be woven from willow.

This week Robin and I built a living willow chair. Building a living willow chair has been on my gonna list ever since I read "Living Willow Sculpture" by Jon Warnes.

Robin did most of the work. It has a green pine non-living frame and willow seat (nonliving). The arms are living willow and the back rest is living willow. It should leaf out and grow over the summer and the new growth can be woven in for dramatic effect. We can't sit in it yet, until the plants become established. In the mean time it is behind the fence protected from curious, hungry goats and sheep.

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  1. Way Cool! Congrats on opening and having visitors on Day One.