Saturday, May 02, 2009

Natural Rearing Puppy Diet

We have only 1 male puppy and 3 female puppies left out of 8. They are 10 weeks old now and weaned.

This is our neighbor's grand daughter, "Stella" -- couldn't get her to hold still long enough to catch a picture of her hugging all the puppies at once. Stella is almost 2.

I wanted to mention how we care for our puppies.

Our puppies are on the “Natural Rearing Diet’ as described in the books by Juliette de Bairachli Levy – The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable and The Herbal Book for the Dog, A complete handbook of natural care and rearing. Both books are available from as used books and are fairly inexpensive.

Puppies are fed twice a day and a mostly raw food diet consisting of:
Raw goat’s milk (1/2 to 1 cup per feeding)
Soaked but uncooked Oatmeal (2 cups per day – 1 cup each feeding)
Kelpmeal – 2 tbsp.
Brewers Yeast – 1 tbsp.
Raw Free Range Eggs or raw meat (tongue, liver, heart, lungs as well as raw meaty bones.) (Only ¼ lb. per day is needed per dog or 2 eggs mixed in with oatmeal)

Raw meat or eggs are fed once a day. Oatmeal in milk is fed twice a day, mixed with kelp meal, raw pumpkin or sunflower seeds, raw garlic or onions – keeps worms from getting a foothold.

Carrots, zucchini, peas, greens can also be added to the diet as they are in season.

One day a week should be meatless. In adult dogs one day a week is fasting.

Dogs have not been immunized as we’ve found that when we have immunized our dogs they have been less healthy and seem to have a compromised immune system – with troubles later in life – cancers, epilepsy, etc. The parent dogs have not been immunized and have been very healthy.

We've never had trouble with any of the diseases that dogs are generally immunized for. Our dogs are exposed to wild coyotes, wolf and occasional canine visitors.

Also on the natural rearing diet we don't have to worry about melamine in pet food or any of the other strange additives that commercial pet food manufacturers add to dog food without listing them on the label.

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