Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Triple Triplets

Joybilee Farm had 3 sets of triplets born yesterday -- Finna, a pure bred Saanan milk goat had triplet bucklings, And two of our ewes had triplet sets of girls. It was an amazing day. Triplets are not uncommon in flocks of sheep or goats but to have 3 sets born in one day is amazing. It was a full moon.

We are too busy with babies to take pictures.

Kiwi spent some time with the flock yesterday for the first time since the day after his birth. His mother came right to him and Baa'd for him to follow her. I was amazed that she still wanted him. But she doens't have enough milk to be his sole source of nutrition, so he will remain a bottle baby, but no longer an orphan.

Auzzie, Kiwi's twin brother is also being supplemented with goat's milk, since Mom is short of milk for her two boys.

One of our doelings is also supplementing herself. She's been sneaking under ewes to steal sheep milk!

This is an interesting life at Joybilee Farm.

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  1. first...
    i received my order :) lovely, and as it's my 1st time cleaning & carding raw fleece your lovely black Romney wool is an excellent way to start. thank you.

    your story of Kiwi brought tears to my eyes, glad to hear the little bugger is doing well! and, triple triplets! you must be busy with all those furry babies running around. ah, spring, full moons, and new life. isn't it grand?!?