Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Kiwi joins the flock

Kiwi went out to the barn with the other lambs yesterday. He still gets his bottle of raw goat's milk 5 times a day. His mom calls him and he's getting to know his twin brother, Auzzie. But he is a bottle baby through and through. He knows his name and comes running when he sees us.

Yesterday, our neighbor's toddler granddaughter visited Joybilee Farm. She fed the bottle lambs and then came into the rabbit barn to help me feed Finna's triplet boys. Now that's a handfull, those boys.

Finna is a pure bred, registered Saanan with copious amounts of milk. This is her first kids in 3 years, since she's been milking through the winters. Her teats are handfuls and she fills the bucket with a gallon of milk at each milking. But her teats are too big for her little guys to feed on, so we have to milk her into a baby bottle and feed each of the triplets with a bottle. To feed directly from Mom these babies will have to open their mouths very wide which they don't seem to want to do.

We have two coloured angora doelings that are on the bottle, too. One was abandoned by her mom -- a black doeling -- Christian Noire-- and the other one isn't getting enough milk from her mom -- Cocoa Channel is the chocolate doe.

You might think its a lot of work to bottle feed so many babies. Well it is, but there are rewards, too. These bottle babies come running when you call. They respond with lots of love and can't wait for you to come to the pasture.

When visitors come, these babies will be the first at the fence to greet them.

Spring is finally close. The first crocuses appeared yesterday -- two little orange ones and I can finally see a bit of bare ground in the pasture.

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