Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kiwi goes to the science fair

Saturday was the Regional Science Fair in Castlegar, B.C. Sarah took her project, "The Woad to a Sustainable Blue, Phase 3" to the Regional Fair and won first place -- a gold medal, and a place on Team B.C. representing the West Kootenay Boundary Region at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Winnipeg in May. (Way to go, Sarah!)

Kiwi, being a bottle lamb, attended the Science Fair, too, but as an observer. How special he was? An absolutely perfect baby. Robin carried him in his arms most of the time. He couldn't take two steps without 6 to 8 people saying, "Oh, is he real. He's so soft. May I pet him". Several people promised to visit the farm. One family even offered to clean out our barns if we would allow them to visit. (Reminds me of Tom Sawyer!)

No worries, we won't make you clean out the barn if you visit. But volunteer help is always appreciated. There's lots of other tasks necessary to the smooth workings of the farm, including picking up sticks, feeding the animals, brushing angora rabbits, refilling water pails, and weeding the garden (if the snow ever melts there may be weeds). Even picking up stray binder twine would help a lot.

Today Kiwi went to church and visited my Sunday School class to help tell the story of Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. He is really enjoying being with kids.

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