Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Soap for Sensitive Skin -- Goat's Milk Soap is my first Choice

Goat's milk soap is mild, gentle soap -- perfect for people with sensitive skin. It contains vitamins A, D, and E as well as protein, minerals like calcium, phosphorous, and potassium and alpha hydroxy acids. It is also super fatted and moisturizing so that your skin feels refreshed and smooth after washing -- not dry and tight like detergent bars or coconut oil soaps make you feel.

Washing with goat's milk soap is as effective as anti bacterial soap and better for your body. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and the first layer of protection against harmful bacteria, and viruses. Detergent bars and liquid detergents formulated for hand washing are surfactants. Their purpose is to remove the surface barrier that prevents water (and harmful chemicals) from penetrating the skin. Detergents are "super wetting" agents because they break down the surface resistance of your skin. This is why detergent is an important ingredient in DNA extraction experiments -- it denatures the cell structure of proteins. Your skin is composed of protein.

Anti bacterial soap goes further and kills 98% of the bacteria and viruses on your skin surface -- including the benign bacteria that is beneficial to your well being. Only 2 % of all bacteria is actually harmful. 98% of bacteria is essential to life and well being -- boosting immune function and health. Once the easily destroyed bacteria is gone from your skin surface the other 2 % can thrive and colonize -- becoming resistant to the antibacterial soap.

Natural soap does not break down the surface resistance of your skin but does remove harmful bacteria and viruses, while allowing benign bacteria to flourish. This is important since benign bacteria actually inhibits colonies of harmful bacteria from forming. Natural goat's milk soap is also nourishing to your skin and moisturizing. So even when you need to wash your hands frequently, using natural goat's milk soap will be beneficial.

Hand washing is the first level of defence against viruses like the common cold or the flu. Splashing your hands with plain water -- even hot water -- is not as effective as using a bar of natural soap in combination with water. The soap combines with the water to capture and flush away dirt, bacteria and viruses. The pH change that soap accomplishes is one of its benefits since the slight alkalinity changes the environment of harmful bacteria -- inhibiting its life cycle. Since it doesn't kill the bacteria but instead disrupts its life cycle and flushes it away, washing with natural soap is helpful to your immune system, while cleansing away dirt, viruses and harmful bacteria.

Robin makes 4 goat's milk soaps especially for those of you with sensitive skins -- Joybilee Farm's Goat's Milk and Honey soap is moisturizing, mild and scent free. It has silk protein for extra smooth lather and moisturizing benefits.

Hemp seed oil Soap is formulated for mature skin. Hemp seed oil fights free radical damage, inhibiting the aging process. Its has extra moisturizing capacity and this soap is also scent free.

Oats and Honey is our complexion bar for dry, itchy skin -- with colloidal oatmeal, goat's milk and moisturizing honey and silk. Scent free.

For those who want fresh scent but need a gentle soap, our lavender and goat's milk soap is ideal. Lavender essential oil is anti bacterial and anti viral and uplifts the mind and body, balancing the emotions. Lavender soap is my favorite, but it sells so fast ....

Do you know the story of the Cobbler's son who had no shoes? That's what we say at Joybilee Farm when Chris goes looking for a bar of her favorite soap in the on-farm studio.

But not for long. Robin made two batches of lavender and goat's milk soap yesterday. It looks perfect in the mold this morning. In 3 weeks we'll have a fresh inventory.

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