Saturday, March 21, 2009

Peace Banner

We were at the Grand Forks Art Gallery and Courthouse Musuem on Thursday gathered around the floor loom which holds the warp for the Peace Banner.

A basket of rags sat beside the loom, water proof markers and excited weavers. Ramona went in every day since last week to weave the header on the warp -- a rainbow plaid -- 30 ends in each colour beginning with red. It was beautiful. Thanks, Ramona for your dedicated work.

The banner is now ready to share with the public. And the public was there on Thursday to begin the weaving. About 15 people shared in the weaving of the first 2 ft. of rag strips into the warp -- some guild members, some visitors to the museum, and some volunteers.

Then I noticed the mistake!

In threading the reed I had skipped a dent. Its right in the centre of the warp. Oh, my. Well it will be a unique artistic legacy with my mistake -- yes, it was me -- the guild president -- and I made the mistake. It will go into the permanent art gallery collection for my grand children and my great grand children to see.

But it is truly a beautiful thing -- aesthetically pleasing to see the rainbow colours lined up ready to receive the recycled fabric strips with messages from the weavers written in. "Toil and a Peaceful Life" is woven into it already, in honour of our Doukhobor friends. And spiritually beautiful as each person weaves their own thoughts, prayers and hopes for peace into the fabric of our tapestry.

Our guest book is already being filled with healing comments from the weavers.

Oh, and the Grand Forks Gazette published a photograph of the guild members warping the loom for the banner with a lovely short write up. Thank you, Shella Gardezi, editor.

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