Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Peace Banner

I spent 3 days last week threading the reed, and the heddles and beaming on the rainbow warp for the peace banner at the Grand Forks Art Gallery and Courthouse Musuem. The Gallery and the Museum share the heritage courthouse building on Hwy. 3 in downtown Grand Forks.

The Peace Banner will be set up on the loom from now until Sept. 21. Everyone is invited to come and weave a few pics or a lot of pics to add their sentiment to the project. A guest book is beside the loom for participants to record their name, where they live and their thoughts about the project.

As individual actions of justice and mercy are needed to build a community of peace, so individual threads woven into our peace banner will create a lasting tapestry of peace and a cultural legacy for our community.

On Saturday members of our guild, The Boundary Spinner and Weaver guild, worked together to beam on the warp. Robin did most of the knots and it is a good tight warp. The photographer from the Grand Forks gazette and the writer for Route 3 magazine were on hand to record this historical moment.

On Monday Ramona went in to the museum and hemstitched the beginning side of the warp. Tomorrow is our guild meeting and we will all weave one colour of the rainbow into the beginning of the banner.

Then the rag rug weaving will begin. We chose a rag rug motif for two reasons. One is that it is a common textile that was woven by most ethic groups in Canada, recycling worn clothing to give it a fresh purpose. Secondly, the weavers (that's everyone that wants to weave a strip or ten) will be able to write on the strips their thoughts, hopes, dreams, quotes about peace and participate in a tangible way in the creating of this banner.

I still need to create a sign that can be posted near the banner to explain how to weave and what is expected of the public at large.

Come weave with us a banner for peace.

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