Monday, March 30, 2009

Lambs and Kids

We had a weekend of lambs and kids being born. Only one birth so far needing help. That lamb is still weak and in the house getting tube fed. He may not make it but we always try. He's still not standing on day 3. And has no suck. Has had selenium twice since birth, so now we care for him and wait... (update: Lamb on day 4 is standing and walking but still doesn't want to suck. Sarah is dribbling the milk in with a syringe -- it looks more hopeful for the lamb now)

We had a beautiful set of coloured angora doelings born to Taffeta. Taffy is a white angora goat with no colour in her back ground, but she give us coloured babies whenever she is bred to a coloured buck. What a treasure she is. Also she has a high percentage of does.

We're less than half way and have about 27 babies on the ground. And finally pure raw goat's milk to drink, make yoghurt from and ice cream. Yummy! We haven't had milk since December so its a wonderful blessing. By the end of the month I will be able to make cheese again.

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