Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Eco-friendly Shampoo for beautiful, healthy hair

Commercial shampoo is detergent based -- made from Sodium Laural Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate, along with other ingredients to increase lather, prolong shelf life, colour or perfume the bottle. As mentioned in the previous blog entry, detergents denature protein and break down the protective barrier of the skin -- causing cell collapse. Commercial shampoo actually causes split ends and hair loss by denaturing the protein of your hair and scalp.

Joybilee Farm developed a natural shampoo bar that is goat's milk soap based -- using special vegetable oils that increase lathering properties, as well as herbal decoctions that enhance shine, colour and vitality. This is unlike any other shampoo bar available -- most are just solid detergent bars. Our uncommon shampoo bar is moisturizing, full of natural herbs and essential oils like tea tree, rosemary, lavendar, peppermint, and chamomile.

Our shampoo bar is a healthy alternative to commercial shampoo. It is river friendly and biodegradable. It is moisturizing and superfatted so there is no need to use an additional hair conditioner, after use. It cleanses your hair and scalp even in most hard water and requires only a mild rinse, with water to which 1 tbsp of vinegar as been added, after shampooing.

You should rinse with vinegar after shampooing, even if you use commercial shampoo. It keeps the acid balance of your hair and will enhance the shine. Human hair is naturally acidic, like all protein.

Our shampoo bar is also concentrated since it is a solid shampoo without added water. Less plastic packaging. Less weight, with the same cleansing power as 4 bottles of commerical shampoo. That's good for the wallet and good for the environment. But most of all its good for you and your hair.

Our shampoo bar is a great travel bar. It can be used for hair washing, showering and shaving. It is acceptable in air line carry-on luggage -- since its not a liquid. Its light weight -- only 5oz. (120 gms.) And great for back packing or camping trips. It is river-friendly and won't harm fish or streams.

But the best part is how it makes your hair feel -- full, clean, soft and smooth -- with no oil build up. Other shampoos require you to change products every few months -- as the chemicals build up on your hair and refuse to be rinsed off. That doesn't happen with Joybilee Farm Goat Milk shampoo bars. There are no chemicals to build up on your hair -- just totally natural Goat's Milk soap.

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