Friday, March 27, 2009

Beauty for Ashes

The world has become an ugly place. The things that brought joy, hope, friendship and community a mere 70 years ago, have been destroyed and the phoenix that has risen out of the ashes is ugly, cruel and destructive. What caused this devastation to society? Was it the Industrial revolution? Patriarchy? Conservative Christianity? Multinational Corporations? Hollywood? The Internet? No. It was the Frankfurt Conspiracy in 1924 in Frankfurt, Germany.

What am a talking about? In 1924 a group of Marxist-socialist scholars formed a group dedicated to undermining the social fabric of society in the west, in order to bring about a "peaceful" revolution for a socialist-Marxist world, with an elite ruling class made up of intellectuals. Their goals were to remove beauty; destroy family relationships; decrease the population to more controllable numbers through widespread use of contraception, abortion and licentiousness; destroy Christianity and Judaism and replace it with a materialist atheism, abolish logic, reason and entrepreneurship, to create a cultural revolution.

Their mode of attack was through public education, universities, and the media -- television, the press, and music. I went to university in the late 70s and their views were rampant both at SFU and at Trinity Western University. In fact the only difference between TWU and SFU was that students could pray together without censorship and there was no pro life club at TWU. Both were blatantly Marxist in their ideals and leanings. The Frankfurt conspiracy was never mentioned but the names of those influenced by the Frankfurt group were the very people that I studied and wrote papers about.

Wow, the Frankfurt conspiracy been very successful. When I listen to CBC 1 -- the only radio station available to me -- I find that the beautiful classical music that they used to play is gone and in its place is ugly, atonal noise. The news stories are full of violence, sensationalism, and Marxist propaganda. Especially propaganda against conservatives -- against the nuclear family or even the extended family, against children, against Christianity, and especially against legislative authority -- like the democratically elected conservative government of Canada or the RCMP.

Even my daughters favorite novel series, Redwall, is full of these socialist ideas, violent class struggles, and the victory of the proletariat under the rule of Gaia.

So why care?
Ugliness promotes hopelessness, despair, and destroys our families, our friendships and our faith -- even our very lives. Its interesting that western beauty and western culture, based as it is in Judea-Christian history and religion is rejected. One human rights tribunal in Canada even went so far as to declare that western culture was not a culture. But it is politically correct to adapt a culture or religion from Eastern pantheism -- Buddist simplicity, or Feng Shui, for instance.

Even much of the art in galleries is full of despair and hopelessness -- death, murder, atrocities or just banal chemical colours and geometic shapes. The beauty that was called art in previous generations is limited to feminist ideals today. Our homes are boxes. Our neighborhoods are plastic and bland. We've lost the beauty of the flower garden, the solace of music and singing -- making our own music to lift up our spirits. We've lost the joy of new birth, and the holiness of aged wisdom. We've lost the ability to beautify our surroundings with our own hands.

But we can redeem beauty for ourselves and for our families. We can fill our homes with art again. One piece of beauty at a time -- a piece of pottery to eat our simple soup in, or drink our peppermint tea, a package of flower seeds to add to the vegetable seed order, natural dyes to dye our yarns, natural fibers to form our clothing. Wool rugs for our floors, towels, cushions and toys created with our own hands will fight the ugliness of this "new world order". And renew our hope in God, who created the natural beauty.

We can fill our homes with music again. Sing a lullaby to a child, play a musical instrument, learn the songs of your childhood again and share them with your children or grand children. Listen to Bach, Handel or Mozart and learn to play the recorder again. Find a friend and play a duet. Music feeds hope or destroys it. Find the song that feeds your hope.

If your home feels ugly to you, begin to change it one room at a time. Add a wild flower bouquet to the dining room table. Force some pussy willows, sew some curtains. Overdye a faded table cloth. Beauty gives the gift of hope. Fight the despair that has permeated this world through art practice.

To be successful you may need to reject what they taught you in school.

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