Saturday, February 07, 2009

Woad Blues

Here's the student's experiments:

The dye yield of 20 grams of woad-indigo pigment was 700 grams of wool, silk and mohair.

The colours are All my favorite blues from deep ultramarine to sky. That's why I love woad. The colour is a different blue than Indian Indigo -- clearer and more noble -- less yellow tone. More toward the purples.

Also not as strong as the Pitchi Reddy indigo (India) from Maiwa -- that will dye about 3 kg. with the same weight of dye powder.

But the colour is different and well, it grew on our own ground, organically, sustainably. It took 4 to 5 kg. of leaves to produce the 20 grams of woad. But woad is a generous plant and grows lots of leaves. 3 harvests are possible in our short, zone 3 growing season. Warmer places will have better yields and more generous harvests.

We sell woad seed from an improved selection of woad plants.

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