Thursday, February 19, 2009

Website Updates

I've spent the month working on massive website updates and cleanup. I got rid of all the unlinked pages and added our logo to every page for those who get to our site via search engine.

Then on Saturday, I figured out how to convert our farm brochure into a pdf file and upload it.

Yes, I'm a learn as I go web designer. I think most of us are with all the changes that happen every month on the web. The site is low on moving graphics so it loads easily in dial up.

The biggest job seemed to be updating the webrings with our ecofriendly, sustainable ethos. But the clean up is all done. I think all the links are working now, too.

My next job is picture updates and new content.

I also registered a new url Purchasing a website is so easy and affordable now. There's no excuse for a fibre arts business not having their own.

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