Friday, February 13, 2009

Weaving Farm work with life

Farm work is unending. Robin is fixing a hole in the fence with help from Panther, the cat, Gelato our pb Marema guardian dog, and Mocha the llama cria.

Inside I'm weaving a stash reduction project. This is weft for "Twice Woven Rug". I'm using three to 7 strands of old weaving yarn for each pick. The final 10 yds of fabric will be cut lengthwise to form chenille weft for a rug.

It seems like the warp groups are too close together to cut between them. I followed the directions from Harriot Tidballs "Twice Woven Rug" monograph. If I do this again I will space them with half the number of ends per inch. This one has 8 ends per inch -- 4 ends per dent with 4 spaces between dents in an 8 dpi reed. I think 7 spaces between dents would be better.

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