Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Therapeutic Benefits of Angora

Angora is one of the most exquisite, light and beautiful fibers in the world. It is sought after for its natural fur-like halo and its insulating and warming powers. But its remarkable beauty is only one of its many benefits.

Angora fiber is 8 times warmer than wool and is doctor-prescribed in Europe for the relief of pain, without drugs. Arthritis pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress ailments, and back pain will all benefit from angora wraps and garments. It is valuable as an insulator for joints and extremities and beneficial for illnesses that inhibit circulation, such as diabetes, chilblains, and heart disease.

Although wearing angora and other natural fibers will not heal these diseases, wearing angora and angora blends in garments that cover the affected parts of the body, can increase warmth, circulation and relieve pain, increasing freedom of movement in the affected area.

How it works. The fine angora fibers, with their halo, trap warm air against the body and increase the blood flow to the part of the body that they are encircling. As the blood flow increases it removes toxins and lactic acid from the affected area and brings oxygenating nourishment to the affected body part. This in turn brings relief of pain. This is the same principle that therapeutic massage works on.

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