Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Peace Banner

Today I wound the warp for the Peace Banner. 34 threads each of 7 colours. The final banner will be 30 inches wide by 30 ft. long.

To commemorate the IYNF we, along with the Boundary Spinner and Weaver Guild, are weaving a permanent legacy, a Peace Banner. A loom will be set up at the Grand Forks Art Gallery from March 3 to September 21. Every one is invited to share in the weaving. A basket of threads, rag strips, and ribbons is beside the loom, with pens. Thoughts, blessings, quotes, and prayers may be written on strips of cloth and woven into the banner. A guest book will be beside the loom where participants can write their name, home town and thoughts or comments.

As each one weaves we will create a tapestry of peace that will become a community expression of Peace – a symbol of how peace can be achieved by individual actions of justice and mercy which build together into a fabric of peace.

The final Peace Banner will be unfurled from the loom on International Peace Day, Monday, September 21. The Peace Banner will be completed by members of the Boundary Spinner and Weaver Guild and presented, as a lasting legacy, to the Art Gallery during International Spinning and Weaving week, October 3 to 9th. The Peace Banner and book will become part of the Gallery’s permanent collection and be available for display in public buildings in the region.

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