Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Angora Colours

This litter is only 2 days old. You can already see the fawn, ruby eyed white and broken black babies. There are 2 agoutis in this litter that aren't so easy to identify at this stage.

Here is a litter with a group of agouti babies. The top one is a chinchilla, the middle one is a chestnut, the other is a lilac pearl.

This litter has 3 tortes -- a chocolate torte and two lilac tortes, a ruby eyed white and two pearls. The pearl rabbits have nose and flank shading with a white or cream undercoat.

This litter from left to right: Chocolate, chocolate torte, ruby eyed white, blue, 2 black and lilac.

Here is a chocolate and a lilac side by side. These two rabbits both carry the chocolate genetics but the lilac rabbit carries a dilute gene that allows the chocolate colour to be expressed as lilac. A blue rabbit is a black rabbit genetically that carries the dilute gene that allows the black colouring to be expressed as blue. Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac are all self colours -- their underbelly is the same colour as their back.

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