Thursday, February 26, 2009

Angora Yarn Colours

The angora yarn comes out a muted shade of the bunny's colour. There are many different angora colours recognized by the ARBA. However, angora fiber is either white, cream, fawn, charcoal grey or warm grey. There are shaded greys and fawns that are more or less red, but these are the basic yarn colours coming from the angora rabbit.

In a clockwise direction beginning at 12 oclock -- grey from a blue rabbit, fawn, warm grey from a chocolate rabbit, white, charcoal grey from a black rabbit.

When angora yarn is freshly spun the it doesn't look as luxurious as it feels. But as it is knitted with the halo begins to develop.

This is actually an advantage, since it is easier to see the individual stitches should one have to frog the garment back to correct a mistake. The fiber blooms over time until it resembles a fine fur garment. Sometimes it even hides the stitch definition, the halo is so pronounced. I like to take advantage of this trait of angora to resemble fine fur, as I design garments that accentuate it.

Angora is 8 times warmer than wool. Garments that take advantage of this trait are open to allow the heat to escape. Ponchos, shawls, shrugs, hats and fingerless gloves are the perfect garments for angora -- capitalizing on the insulating advantages of angora yarn, yet allowing for the body to be cool as well.

See Joybilee farm for patterns that capitalize on angora's softness, and warmth.

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