Saturday, January 03, 2009

Wool reduces body odours

Plastic clothing makes you stink.

This is the real reason that outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, skiers, cyclists are switching to wool clothing. They often cite wool’s great traits like “it’s better at keeping sweat from accumulating,” or “it’s warm in winter and cool in summer,” or “it stays warm when wet,” or “wool is an earth-friendly product.”

But the real reason is that wool keeps you smelling fresh all day. A great incentive to wear wool longjohns on the ski hill and wool sweaters in the barn.

The article is about a project at Red Mountain Resort in B.C. about 2 hours East of Joybilee Farm, where staff has been outfitted with Australian merino wool longjohns and undershirts.

How far we've come from our roots! The value of wool, (mohair, angora, ) in keeping a body warm and fresh was well known to every Canadian in 1940. In 2009, the UN International Year of Natural Fiber, it is time that we renew the wisdom of our mothers and grandmothers.

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