Friday, October 31, 2008

Fresh Fleece for spinning or felting

The fall shearing is being weighed and sorted, and I am so pleased. After all the effort to keep the hay and vm out of the fleeces and still have happy, healthy animals, these are the cleanest fleeces we've ever grown.

Our lambs and kids were on pasture all summer and Ian sheared them before we had to begin feeding hay in October.

The colour is rich, the crimp is even, and the length is between 3 and 4 inches so a handspinners delight.

All our animals are raised for their wool -- we don't sell meat at Joybilee Farm, only fiber. So we breed for length, lustre and crimp. We use a long, luster wooled ram one year and a fine fibered ram the next to keep the length, softness, lustre and crimp in the fleece.

These fleeces are perfect for handspinning and for felting, with lustre and a rich, dark chocolate colour or a glossy natural white.

Our kid fleeces are a lustrous white, with a few coloured angora kids, too, in grey, latte, and black. Those should be posted on the website by Saturday.

We bought a Pat Green Cottage Industry Carder and Electric picker in June. We haven't had a chance to use it yet, but hopefully this winter we will be able to process our own rovings, too. I can't wait to test drive it with some of these gorgeous fleeces.

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