Saturday, August 30, 2008

Joybilee Farm Eco-fiber farm

In these pages I'd like to share our homeschooling adventures, our fiber arts experiments and our simple life of faith.

The summer is coming to an end. Its been a different summer than other years -- colder, more rain. The zucchinis are slow growing and we've only had 4 small ones. Can you believe it? I'm still waiting for the first female flower on the pumpkin vine to grow. Its the end of August. But, Tomato sauce is being pressure canned on the stove tonight from 90 lbs. of tomatoes. Another 120 lbs. of tomatoes are sitting on the kitchen floor waiting their turn. Thankfully, we live near an abundance of food.

12 of our angora goat kids have been sheared and another 15 are waiting for next week. I want to get the fleeces off before we have to start feeding hay for the winter. We've had lots of rain this summer so the grass is still lush -- hopefully for another month. We'll have the cleanest fleeces we've ever had -- almost no vm in these gorgeous kid fleeces.

The farmer's markets are finished for the season and homeschool starts on Tuesday.